Somewhere in the Sunshine
Somewhere in the Sunshine
Anne Sloan stockist and furniture boutique with workshops in the heart of Tyalgum

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There are many house paints on the market but we believe chalk paint is the best for our projects.
Furniture professionally painted ready to go, or bring in your favourite piece and we'll work with your style.
Unparalleled in quality and hugely popular, one of many reasons why we're an exclusive stockist.

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Born in Australia, Annie Sloan grew up in the UK and became an interior decorator.  She traveled abroad working in Europe and as there was nothing on the market at that time, she needed to create her own paint to recreate the style of the decoration that existed there.  Annie Sloan created Chalk Paint in 1990. Her paint is the original chalk paint, a name trademarked for her paint. There have been many trying to copy her brilliant formula, but nothing compares. Milk paint and home made recipes are all good, but only similar in some ways. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has low Volatile Organic Compounds which makes it virtually non-toxic and  undetectable by the nose - no toxic fumes to fill your work space. It's greatest selling point though, is that you don't need to sand back existing paint or prime the surface before starting your project. It adheres to glass and metal, and has no problem with vanished surfaces. This salient point means that the usual hours of prepping and sanding your chair or cupboard before painting, is unnecessary - so you can start straight away! It can be used on furniture inside or outside the house, on walls and floors. And the brush washes out in water. The paint dries quickly and, incorporating the use of her waxes, many kinds finishes are possible. Wax seals the paint and hardens over time. It's quick and easy and comes with a health's addictive! Once you start using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint you'll wonder why you hadn't started earlier!





We love seeing the potential in every piece of furniture.  Whether you have modern or antique, new or preloved pieces, the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lifts and brings new life to each one. Our showroom is full of painted items we have been given or bought from second hand dealers because they are interesting, retro or show a craft from a bygone era.

Clients also bring pieces in for transformation. Sometimes rooms, sometimes whole houses get the shabby chic touch from Somewhere in the Sunshine. There are lots of different styles that are important to us: French, Boho, Country, Swedish and Modern Contemporary. Drop in for some professional guidance for your next renovation! 

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Basic Skills Using Chalk Paint                                                                                                             June 1st and 15th 10am - 2pm                                                                                                                This workshop teaches you the 4 basic techniques using chalk paint, familiarising you with brushes and wax. Bring a small piece of furniture to paint e.g. chair, picture frame or tray. Choose from the entire paint range to paint your piece and learn how to achieve the vintage look. If you are unable to make it this Saturday and would like to come along on a different date, please call to arrange.
$140 Bookings essential. Lunch and all paint /materials are included.
(Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements)

Receive 10% discount on all paint supplies purchased on the day.

Mixed Media Workshop
Saturday June 22nd 10am-1pm
This workshop will teach you stencil techniques and the use of resin and clay in making furniture appliques - taking furniture recycling to the next level.
$150 includes all materials and lunch.                                                                                                         Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.

These workshops run monthly with updates via our email newsletter. Our workshops are an inspiration for those people who want to paint and create wonders but can't start… yes – so many people come in and are overwhelmed by the choices!                                                                                Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is such an exciting medium when you consider how versatile it is – it paints on metal, glass, fabric – you can dye your curtains with it! As well as an education for those who would like to start to bring new life to their favourite pieces of furniture, the workshops are a great way to meet others and experience using the paint. There are lots of amazing ideas: from stenciling furniture to fabric, to painting out your entire bathroom... including the tiled floors!

Learn. Rekindle. Paint.

Local workshops with some of the best.

A Little About Us...

Welcome to Somewhere in the Sunshine, stockist of the Original Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Discover French Country-inspired furnishings and vintage homewares in the heart of Tyalgum. We are situated 45 minutes from Gold Coast airport - a short drive from Murwillumbah through the green cauldera of the Mt Warning Rainforest National Park.

Somewhere in the Sunshine is a unique cottage industry and offers an extensive range of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products as well as home decorating services. We also participate on the massive Houzz website for house renovators, which is an honour to be included and counted among the creative home building businesses of Australia!

We live in an exquisite part of the world that naturally inspires creativity in the artisans of this area. Somewhere in the Sunshine opened in 2015 with a vision to revitalise home and business environments using non-toxic, water-based Annie Sloan Chalk paint. It's been very much a community project with many of the local businesses using the chalk paint to decorate their shops and give Tyalgum a unique village style. Word spread quickly that we were stockists of the chalk paint and we now proudly service the rural and coastal areas of the Northern Rivers.

Our workshops are an added inspiration as well as an education for those who would like to bring new life to their favourite pieces of furniture, paint out a room or restore much loved items to their former glory. These workshops run monthly with updates via our email newsletter. The topics change each month so there is always something new to learn. And that's the key - endless possibilities!

Chalk paint takes away the tedium of having to prepare projects - just apply the paint and save the time. Perfect for all my projects.

Jeremiel D'etage


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has enabled me to take any furniture and turn it into a creative project. If I don't like a colour scheme, it's easy to change as I go. There are so many options!


Home Decorator