Annie Sloan has had two main waxes on the market Chalk Paint; Clear and Dark. Clear wax seals and protects the chalk paint. Dark Wax can be added over the top of the Clear Wax to create an aged look and/or change the colour of the paint, giving a different look once again. In 2016, Annie Sloan introduced us to the White and Black Waxes – more fabulous possibilities for decorating our furniture. Last year, the  Gilding Waxes hit the stage and are an innovative way to add a metallic highlight to picture frames, chairs – anything you like! They don’t replace gold, brass or copper leaf – it’s a different look.

See below, I have painted a coffee table with Scandinavian Pink and highlighted the leg rings with Warm Gold. Along the sides, the rungs were painted with Graphite and highlighted with Dark Silver gilding wax. There is also Bright Gold, Bright Silver and Copper in the range. I then painted the glass on the top of the table (because we all know, it paints on glass very well!). I took one of the Annie Sloan stencils (Freya) and the Warm Gold wax and stencilled the design onto the painted surface. So much fun…the possibilities are endless…

Black Wax
You can see here the Black Wax is great for detailing design. The wall lamp was painted with Arles and then had a coat of clear wax over the top, because I didn’t want the black wax to darken the Arles too much, even though a little deepening was good for that aged look. (If I had added the Black wax straight to the painted surface the dried chalk paint would have absorbed too much of the black. If that happens to you, you can use clear wax as an eraser – it takes off the Black.)

White Wax lightens the painted colour and is great for highlighting pieces with crevices or ridges. The picture frame below was painted with Old White. A colour wash of Aubusson over the top and then white wax was added to lighten the blue. After lightly sanding the gold and around the edges, more white wax was added to fill the lines around the inside of the frame. The chair legs at the bottom also had white wax added to fill in the ridges.