We chose Old White, a lovely antique white, as the main colour for this piece.
The green felt had to go! Replaced with a charcoal merino felt. The drawers and windows were painted in Graphite. The windows and drawers were lined with faux felt, a synthetic copy of real felt. (Yes you can paint any fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!) All handles were replaced with matching, large and small.
Completed! The beautiful transfers on the doors and front added a little French elegance to the piece.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint paints straight over varnish, metal, glass – just about anything. No priming or sanding required. This beauty was painted in Paris Grey and Emperor’s Silk for the drawer.
We like to paint inside the drawers too!
Transfers are so easy to do and only require a quick coat of lacquer to seal them for protection.
This one looks like it’s straight out of a French boutique. With added furniture applique, we transformed it from a sweet pine dresser into a picture of elegance.
Our appliques are made from airdry clay to add a little chic to the shabby!
There are may different applique styles, from Baroque to Victorian, French, Italian, flowers to wreaths, angels, mermaids…the list goes on. All available at Somewhere in the Sunshine!